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Death of a Salesman is a movie worth watching. This movie originated as a written play. The play is written about the Loman family. The movie almost followed the script exactly. I think the movie made it easier to follow and understand the play than reading the play. Seeing all the characters in the movie helped make it easier.

The play was pretty complicated with all the characters and Willy and his different personalities. Willy talks to his dead brother who is dead from the beginning of the play to the end. Willy has two kids (Biff and Happy) and Biff has become a failure in life because he caught his dad cheating on his mom. Happy is also a failure, knowing that the best thing he can do is lie. Biff decided to move out west because that's the only place he can get a job and live independently.

Willy is a normal human being when Biff is not around. Biff all of a sudden decided to move back to New York with his parents and his brother Happy. That's when everything goes wrong and Willy goes crazy.

Happy is a liar and he really like women, just like his father. Having Ben in the play was a good idea but in the movie they show him as if he is still alive and I think that is pretty stupid. Linda in the movie did not reach the expectations of a poor slaved house wife. To me she looked like a cranky old grandma and this destroyed the mood Linda was supposed to give to the spectators.

The setting wich is the house was made pretty good in the movie. I liked how they made most of the important parts of the movie in the kitchen. This...