This report discusses the leopold and lobe trial which had a great influence in American history by changing soceity's outlook on sanity in our justice system.

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The Leopold and Loeb Trial

Several important historical milestones transpired in 1924- J. Edgar Hoover was appointed director of the FBI, Babe Ruth led the American League in home runs and batting averages, and Calvin Coolidge was elected President. None of these could compare quite like the Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb murder case. Who would have imagined that on the fateful day of May 21, the "crime of the century" would take place? On that day, the unimaginable occurred which eventually changed the face of criminal defense in America forever.

Nathan "Babe" Leopold was born on November 19, 1904 in Chicago, Illinois. He was deemed a bright child at an extremely early age. Nathan had been born into an exceptionally wealthy Jewish family. He began to talk at just four months of age. Throughout his childhood, Nathan was raised by either nurses or governesses. Nathan was always somewhat of an outcast.

At the age of 15, he met Richard Loeb. Like Nathan, Richard was also a part of a wealthy Jewish family as well. Richard's father was the Vice President of Sears and Roebuck. His family upheld very strict rules and expectations for him. He was born June 11, 1905. Richard, unlike Nathan however, was considered the "popular boy" by all. At the time of their meeting, Richard was attending the University of Chicago. Within ten months, Nathan also enrolled. The following year they both transferred to the University of Michigan, and joined a fraternity. After graduation, Leopold attended Harvard Law School while Loeb was enrolled in the University of Chicago Law School. During the time, the two became best of friends- they were inseparable. In fact, Leopold and Loeb had begun a sexual relationship. Leopold thought of Loeb as a living image of Superman. Loeb claimed to only...