A Report on the ECRM Strategy used by Marriott Hotel

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Executive SummaryThe use of eCRM (Electronic Customer Relationship Management) is growing fast in almost every industry where customers are dealt with directly. This report has identified and analyzed the eCRM strategies used by Marriott Hotel, Brisbane.

In depth interviews were taken of the manager and an employee at the hotel to identify the working of eCRM in the hotel, the kind of software used, the quality level involved in customer services, the kinds of databases used, customer retention strategies, market share to identify competitors etc. was done. In the market share analysis it was identified that Marriot's closest competitor is Sheraton.

It is concluded that though Marriott has a dominant share in the market but in order to improve its market share, it is integral to understand the importance of eCRM, as Marriot being a multinational company can invest in better eCRM strategies as its competitor is providing better services and price, this can be achieved by using the call centre facilities more, implementing better eCRM tools, periodically training employees to deliver better customer services etc.

Therefore it is suggested that an immediate effect on reducing the price may not be possible therefore by giving better deals and improving their, customer services and eCRM strategies would be advantageous.

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1. Company overview1.1 History11.2 Mission statement11.3 Culture21.4 Industry21.5 Products & Services31.6 Size31.7 Competitors41.8 Market position42. Communication tools2.1Internal62.2 External63. Use of customer contact or call centers84. Cross selling methods and referrals95. Use of internet 116. Direct mail137. Privacy148. Use of data base management systems8.1Product development and improvement168.2 Sales management processes188.3 Customer knowledge198.4 Customer segmentation and profiling208.5 Customer and Market Focus218.6 Data mining259. Complaint Procedures and Analysis 2810. Retention programs and customer loyalty 2911. Life Time Value considerations3012. Surveys12.1 Internal 3212.2 External 3213. Recommendation 3314. Conclusion3415. References351. Company...