A report on Edgar Degas. Choosing and describing certain peices from a gallery at the norton simon museum.

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Edgar Degas

A few days ago I was taken to the Norton Simon Museum of Arts. I was asked to pick a certain artist and do a report on his life and his works. The artist i chose is one by the name of Edgar Degas. He was born in France in 1834. He lived to be 83 years old and died in 1917. He was an artist in the time of Impressionism, his style was that of realist though.

I was asked to pick 5 of my favorite peices from him. Those included paintings and sculptures. The first piece I chose was a bronzed sculpture of a child-ballerina, it was entitled "Little 14 Year Old Dancer". I chose this peice because I like the "un-goddess-like" look of the girl. In those days woman and young girls were portraide as beautiful extravogant ladies whether they were or, as in most cases, were not.

This girl was not at all over exalted or over-beautifully depicted. Infact, she was quite dull.

"Dancers in Pink" was the second piece I chose. It is a pastel on cardboard. I chose it because of its soft,lovely look. It's simple but very pretty. This picture dosn't go much into detail, the painter lets you use your immagination to fill it in.

The third peice I chose was one called "Dancers in the Paris Opera". It was an Oil painting on a canvas. I chose this painting because I loved it's movement it portrays. Many ballerinas, mostly in pairs, seem to be in the rehearsal hall dancing. In this painting Degas repositioned the legs of the two front ballerinas. He did not paint over his unwanted legs though, he simply outlined the ones he intended for people to see in thick black lines. This...