A report examining the various marketing channels in the tourism sector and the changes that have taken place in them after the advent of information technology.

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The need to promote the value of an industry sector should be paramount in the strategic direction of any sustainable industry. Tourism is no different.

It is important for the industry to focus on social and environmental benefits of tourism as well as economic benefits of tourism. This does not mean that economic benefits are independent from social and economic benefits. In fact, sustainable economic development can be achieved only if social and environmental factors are taken into consideration.

The importance of tourism will only increase in the future. This is because there is a continuing economic shift from the manufacturing sector to the services sector. Due to terrorism, governments are putting greater emphasis on the tourism and hospitality industry as they fear a loss of revenue in the tourism sector due to terrorism. Tourism industry also plays an important role in increasing the foreign exchange reserves of a country.

Tourism has been projected as one of the few industries that will improve upon its performances in the future.

It is important for the tourism industry to develop and implement an integrated communication program to increase understanding of the significance of tourisms contribution to economic and social development and environmental sustainability. It is important for the tourism industry to undertake further research to identify the impact of tourism at local, regional and state levels, including the cause and effect relationship of tourism marketing.

Website and e-mail marketing have clearly taken a permanent role in tourism and destination marketing strategies. Indeed Internet marketing will continue to play an even more important and dynamic role as technology capabilities and user access expands. Like other forms of media and communication directed at the various marketing segments, Internet marketing efforts are integrated with an overall marketing strategy and manage to capture the greatest...