A report on Gillette India Ltd.

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"Every morning of Every Day over 1 Billion people worldwide

Use a Gillette product"

Gillette profile

20th century has shown, Gillette is without peer in the grooming business. With manufacturing plants in 51 locations in 20 countries, the company has the scientific knowledge to create, and the technical ability to develop and produce, hair removal products that deliver a superior shave, whether wet or dry, whether for men or women. Additional market presence and support is provided by the Company's well-established deodorant/antiperspirant brands. Batteries are another thriving worldwide business in which the company competes successfully. Duracell, the most popular brand of alkaline batteries in the world, is the clear global leader in the growing alkaline battery market.

Gillette's portfolio is organized into five segments: Blades and razors, Personal Care, Oral Care, Duracell, Braun. Gillette's portfolio consists of brands like Gillette Presto, Sensor Excel, Gillette Mach III and Gillette Series Shaving Gel.

In India Gillette operates through Gillette India Ltd, a company jointly promoted by Gillette Company, US and the House of Poddar Enterprise.

Gillette's Global & Indian Strategy

Gillette follows an overall strategy of having two brands in any country that it operates in. One of the brands is the dominant brand (usually Gillette) and the other a national brand which coexists with the dominant brand. Analysis of the global strategy of Gillette in the framework proposed by Bartlett and Ghoshal for international competition, shows that Gillette follows a bi-pronged strategy.

Gillette follows the global strategy for products like shaving gels and shaving products that are not produced in India but are produced at a centralized location and imported to India. For these products it positions Gillette as the dominant and premium brand to cater to the high end segment. To attract the low end users in...