A Report on The GMD and The Chinese Civil War

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Year 12 History Research Assignment


The long hard struggle for China, the Chinese Civil War was a very costly war with a long awaited prize at the end of it. The many years of struggle, life and money that went into the war was huge. At the end of it a result for the people something they had been waiting for along time.


'From Manchu to Mao A History of Modern China' by Koutsoukis - This was a well written book had relevant information and used modern language. The info in this book was much better then the others.

Britannica - Sometimes a little too much information to fend through but all in all at times very useful.

Mao and the Struggle for China By Heinemann - Very useful well written with sources to back up. Enjoyed using this book was second to the first mentioned.

Wikipedia.com - Was average, had some good information much of it is all the same on the internet didn't really enjoy using it good for pictures and that's about it.

Answers.com - Was a copy paste of Wikipedia with different pictures again average good for pictures that's about it.


A Civil War is a conflict between two political or military factions within a nation, to gain political control of that nation. The Chinese Civil War as a conflict between two political parties within China where many lives were taken and resources wasted when really there is a lot more to the war then that. There were a number of events and circumstances that lead up to the civil war and these areas throughout the assignment will be covered. The Chinese Civil War also known as the Nationalist-Communist Civil War was a conflict based in China between the Guomindang's (Chinese Nationalist...