A report about the history of Grover Cleveland. His childhood through death.

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Grover Cleveland


Stephen Grover Cleveland was born on March 18, 1837, in New Jersey. He was the fifth of nine children. Grover was always a very busy child. Once when he was four, he ran into the road and fell under a horse drawn apple cart. He was lucky he didn't get hurt very bad. When Grover was five his family moved to Fayetteville, New York. He went to school at Fayetteville District School House. When not in school, Grover enjoyed swimming, fishing, and playing pranks, such as taking the neighbors gates off their hinges. He changed schools when he was thirteen. He went to and graduated from the Clinton Liberal Institute.


Grover's first presidential term began on 1885. Benjamin Harrison served as President from 1889-1893. Grover served a second presidential term begining in 1893. During his first term, he married Francis Folsom, on June 2, 1886.

During the second term he was known as the Veto President. He was also the first democratic president since 1856. He gave two important addresses during his presidency.

Other information

When Grover was young his father preached at the local church. He did not like being called Stephen, so he had everyone call him Grover. His father Richard Folley Cleveland died October 1, 1853. Grover was elected mayor of New York in 1882, before running for president. He had two daughters, Esther the youngest, was the only baby to be born in the White House. Stephen Grover Cleveland died in Princeton, New Jersey, on June 24, 1908 of heart and kidney disease.