The report looks into the management guru, F.W.Taylor. Highlighted examples and methods of his work.

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Taylorism was developed by FW Taylor and showed methods of how to optimize organization efficiency. Taylor used work-studies to help him draw up scientific approaches to improving organization production techniques. He used two different types of research, method study and work measurement. He studies concluded show how by focusing on an organizational structure he is able to improve production techniques.

He concluded that different workers have different qualities when working. He basically says that a worker must be suited and skilled to carry out a job.

This is the case in the way a premiership football team operates. The best player is picked for the position they are best at. This will depend on the individual skill of the person. It is important to have the right employees doing any specific task. In a football team it would not work if a player in defense started playing in attack.

By selecting the right player for the right position it means the team will play better and as a team. This can be worked into organization aswell.

One of his main methods of improving efficiency was the incentive of improving profit for both an organization and the individual. He believed that by offering an increase or bonus in wages then efficiency would also improve. These methods can be seen on a lot of production lines where a bonus is given if a certain target is achieved.

McKechnie plastics, Stamford Bridge produces Dyson Hoovers. It produces them using machine presses, which produce various plastic weldings. Each machine is monitored and production is controlled. If a machine makes over its set production rate the worker will receive a bonus. This gives employees an incentive to produce more. The work is fairly lowing skilled so using money to motivate the employees is good...