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Internet Source #1: Lunar Bases

When people think of lunar bases they normally think about sci-fi movies and books, but to some people this is a serious subject that takes some further investigation.

One of the first projects that dealt with lunar bases on the moon would be Project Horizon. Project Horizon was issued in June of 1959, it was the first part of the "Lunar Military Outpost" study for the U.S Army. One of the second studies was called the Korolev Studies. Sergei Korolev who was the "father of the Soviet space program", wanted to raise the opportunity of making a long-term outpost on the Moon. Korolev never got that far in making any ideas about the lunar base, but A.P. Chemodurov did.

A.P Chemodurov with the KBOM design bureau had the duty of making a potential scientific, economic, and military lunar base. The KBOM group decided on three things they would need to make a lunar base.

They would need, energy, life support and science equipment. They considered four different types of power sources. Nuclear thermo-emission systems, Solar panels with fuel cells, Solar panels with batteries and Helio-concentrators. They also thought about the lighting and they figured out they could take advantage of the sunlight on the surface of the moon. For life support, they said they needed a greenhouse, for oxygen and a rest area, a waste recycling facility and an oxygen and water recycling facility. They also wanted to use lunar regolith for construction as well as for the soil for the greenhouse. They wanted science equipment on the base and they thought they needed drilling equipment, a soil heating and chemical analysis lab, an x-ray emission spectrograph, a magnetometer, a gravitational sensor and equipment for active seismic studies.

During KBOM's final research for...