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Summary:McDonald's is the world largest food service retailing chain established in the 1948 in San Bernardino California. The company is mainly into burgers and fries. They are operating fast-food business in over 120 countries. About 80 percent of McDonald's restaurants are franchises and only 20 percent are run directly by the mother company. As any other organization McDonald's is also facing many numbers of problems in running one of the largest food chains. Problems such as weak revenue growth, lower operating income in Europe and Canada, growing health consciousness, intense competition, spread of bird flu. In our report we mainly concentrated on environmental and health related problems and we have made some recommendations to minimize these problems.

Introduction:McDonald's Corporation grew from a single drive-in restaurant in San Bernardino, California, in 1948, to the largest food-service organization in the world. In 1991, McDonald's owned $13 billion of the $93 billion fast-food industry, operating 12,400 restaurants in 59 countries including company-owned restaurants, franchisees, and joint ventures.

McDonald's management intends to continue growing by:1) Maximizing sales and profits in existing restaurants,2) Adding new restaurants, and3) Improving international profitability.

McDonalds was established on the fundamental principles of Quality, Service, Cleanliness, and Value (Q.S.C. &V.) and developed tangible goals and specific operating practices to carry out their vision (Svoboda, 1995).

Company profile:McDonald's Corporation (McDonald's) is the world's largest food service retailingChain. The company is known for its burgers and fries which it sells through 31,000 fast-food restaurants in over 120 countries. A majority of McDonald's restaurants are operated by franchisees. The company also operates restaurants under the brand names 'The Boston Market' and 'Chipotle Mexican Grill'. The company operates primarily in the US and the UK. It is headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois and employs 447,000 people.

The company recorded revenues of $20,460.2...