Report on Online Conferencing.

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This report is done on online conferencing and states the advantages and disadvantages and the various types of conferences that are available for a company or organisation and how it can be used effectively. Online conferencing is using the internet a conference venue. Long-established conference means participants have to travel and stay in particular places. This is very time consuming and also expensive. Web-based conferencing supports various locations therefore there is no need to have all of the companies associates at a central location, as it may not be possible. Presentations can be given to anyone, anywhere in the world, at any time, before, after or during office hours. No more reasons to cancel meetings due to travel problems or bad weather.

Many companies and organisations nowadays use online conferencing as a way to discuss and analyse their aims and objectives with their employees and staff. Lecturers and tutors can also use the form of online conferencing to teach their students if for any reason they are unable to be present at the time of lecture.

There are many advantages of using online conferencing. It is cheaper and you are saving your company money as there is no need to travel and no accommodations are required. It is more suitable for the company and also the delegates especially if they are from different geographic locality. Organising a conference requires valuable company time in order to make the essential arrangements such as Flights, hotels, catering, and diary management. They consume a lot of time to organize, time that could be spent far more productively. There are two types of conferencing, Audio conferencing and Video conferencing.

When looking at online (conferencing which is more of the informal approach) and Physical face to face conferencing (which is seen as formal ) in...