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What is insanity? One might ask this question some time through out their life. Insanity is madness, the state of being insane. In Wuthering Heights, Bronte uses insanity to make many points throughout the novel. This theme of insanity will be used to discuss all the unconventional things that Heathcliff does in the novel Wuthering Heights. Also, the three main feelings that could drive oneself to insanity will be confabulated, Obsession, Grief, and Revenge. The Obsession Heathcliff has with Catherine, the Grief that Heathcliff had with Catherine's marriage to Edgar, and the Revenge that Heathcliff takes on Hindley. All three of these topics play a very important role to the outcome of this novel, as well as help one to better understand the concept of insanity that Bronte uses in the novel.

Insanity can show up in many different situations, it can be seen in love, hate, desire, lust, greed, grief, or even by just having a lack of food.

In Wuthering Heights, one of the main characters shows insanity in many situations. This insane character is Heathcliff, the boy that was adopted by Mr. Earnshaw, after he was found starving on the streets in Liverpool, England (36). Was Heathcliff insane from the beginning? Mr. Earnshaw showed Heathcliff a great amount of love, and for a short while Heathcliff was happy. Mr. Earnshaw treated Heathcliff as if he was his very own son, Heathcliff was held even higher than Mr. Earnshaw's children at times (37). Heathcliff had a happy time with the Earnshaw's at their estate Wuthering Heights for 2 years, until Mr. Earnshaw died (43). Immediately after Mr. Earnshaw died, Heathcliff's life starts to get bad. Heathcliff is made a servant by Henley Earnshaw (the son of Mr. Earnshaw), and is shown hate, which starts to...