Representitation of " New Woman" in Shaw's plays.

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I would like to examine my thesis sentence in two of Shaw's play, in Mrs Warren' s Profession and Saint Joan. First of all I would like to have a summary and analysis of both dramas and then have a brief look at the types of " New Woman".

The main theme of Saint Joan is the difference between true religious faith and the hypocrisy of organized religion. Joan is a true believer, one who strives to do God's will in everything she does. In contrast to her, Shaw pictures organized religion, represented by the Roman Chatolic Church of the fifteenth century, as manipulative and hypocritical. The Church leaders seem much more concerned about increasing their own power and authority than in doing the will of God. Ironically, the Church condemns and executes Joan for being a heretic, when in relity she is only trying to carrry out God's will for her, while they are trying to protect their own power.

With greater irony, Joan is realy victorious over organized religion. Because the Chuch puts her to death, Joan is made a martyr and a saint for ger purity of purpose and faith in God.

Saint Joan also portrays the wickidness of political scemes and treacheries. Joan, who believed in the truth of God, is victimized by self-serving and corrupt men who fear her influence. To protect their own power in the Church and the State, they even pay to have Joan captured and support her condemnation and burning at the stake.

The protagonist of the play is Joan of Arc. She believes that she has been chosen by God to save her country from confusion and destruction. Her faith is the result of the purity of her conscience and her firm belief in her Maker and his...