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The topic of reproductive technology has created a lot of controversy in the last decade. With the advancements in technology and the never ending search for new and better ways of improving one's life, reproductive technology has been a hot topic of dispute. There are many who support the idea and many who oppose it. Before we begin, it is important to identify the characteristics of the underlying argument in question; "The government should not fund reproductive technology". Because this statement entails many complications, we will first start by dividing the statement into two distinct parts: "Reproductive Technology" and "Government Funding". Dividing the statement in two better identifies the issues at hand and gives us a better view of the argument.

We will first start by defining reproductive technology and describing the different forms of reproductive technology. This is crucial because of the different implications surrounding each type.

Second, we present the arguments "FOR" and "AGAINST" reproductive technology. Presenting both sides will identify the strengths as well as the weaknesses for both arguments. Third, we discuss the current laws and the ethical issues concerning reproductive technology and present the arguments "FOR" and "AGAINST" government funding reproductive technology. Lastly, by identifying and analyzing all the aspects of the arguments presented, we can conclude with valid reasoning that indeed the government should not fund reproductive technology.

Defining Reproductive Technology

Reproductive technology is a term for all current and anticipated uses of technology in human and animal reproduction including: cloning, genetic engineering, artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization, surrogacy, embryo transfer and testing, and hormone treatment to increase fertility. Contraception may also be viewed as a form of reproductive technology because it enables people to control their fertility .

There are many key differences between the different forms of reproductive technology.