The Republic of Iraq.

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The Republic of Iraq is a country located in southwestern Asia, at the northern tip of the Persian Gulf. Some of the world's greatest ancient civilizations--Assyria, Babylonia, and Summer--developed in the area that now makes up Iraq. The modern state of Iraq was created in 1920 by the British government.

Perched on oil reserves of 120 billion to 200 billion barrels of crude, Iraq's reserves are second in size only to Saudi Arabia's. It has 11 per cent of the world's proven reserves with the resting 89 per cent divided in the other 178 countries of the world.

Since its creation in 1920, Iraq has been a very conflictious country, ruled by despot governors, who just look for their wellbeing. Even though it is one of the richest countries of the world, 30% of its population lacks basic sanitation facilities, 64% percent of children die before they are 5 years old and , and 60% of adults don't know how to read.

The US is the most powerful countries in the world, with one of the highest living standard, the lowest morals, (4,000 innocent persons are assassinated daily, and it is 100% legal), but they believe they are in charge of making a better world, although they are a decaying society. Their economy is fueled by the war industry (as an example I can say that the Great Depression ended with World War I), and they are in a desperate need for oil, since they reserves and those of their allies will run out in 34 years.

So some unproven, never seen, weapons of mass destruction are their reason to invade Irak, kill an uncountable number of innocents, destroy every piece of infrastructure and start over, thus refueling their economy, and having...