Republicans! Unfavorable acts caused the rise of the Ku Klux Klan

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The years after the civil war were frustrating times for

the Americans. New laws and rules were posted for which

to abide by and due to the outcome of the civil war, the

people from the south had now to accept the new slavery

laws issued by the political parties and congress. This

created turmoil amongst both northerners, who mostly were

against slavery, and southerners. This was also true for

both political parties that consisted of the Republicans and

the Democratics. Again the issue was always on the rights

of blacks. The battles with certain individuals who felt it

their duty to stand up for their idea of what the American

way was.

In 1866, just a year after the civil war, six

confederate veterans formed a social club in the small town

of Pulaski Tennessee. These men were set out to perpetuate

white supremacy through out the south.

The social club

became official. The members came up with the name of

Ku Klux Klan. It was a name taken from the Greek word

'Kuklos' which means circle. They came up with rituals

copied from college fraternities. They also assigned

positions to special members. They were composed of the

Grand Cyclop, The President, the Grand Magi, the vice-

president, and the Grand Exchequer, the treasurer. The

Klansmen adopt a uniform. The uniforms were white, long

robes, White masks, And high pointed hats. ( Ingalls,

Hoods 3 )

Adopted during 1866-67, the Republican party's

Reconstruction program threatened to turn southern society

upside down. The promise of equal rights for blacks flew in

the face of the widely held opinion of the white Southerners

that the black race was innately inferior. This deep-seated

racist belief had served to justify slavery, and...