Reputation and its Risks

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Reputation and its Risks (Harvard Business Review)February 2007This articles' emphasis is on the managers decision making and the right steps to take during a risky situation, where there is a danger of a company losing its reputation. Basically it is about reputation management. These days companies welcome all good news, the article here rightly proves that too much expectations held by stakeholders or customers is also harmful for the firm. It states that it is a managers work to make sure that people think positively of the company but still not much above what it really is i.e. Reputation exceeding true character, because if they get to know the reality after all this it will be very damaging for the institution in whole. It may also be that a firm may be much better than its reputation, it is very frustrating but all a manager can do is try and keep a balanced image of its organization.

To be specific the real crux of the article can be stated in a single quote i.e. Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.

This article is relevant to every corner and nook of our course, As our course is all about management and it will teach us how to manage all kinds of ups and downs that may be faced by an organization or firm. Also as our course points out that a managers work is to coordinate the working of all the employees in an organization, this article points out how a weak CEO or Managers bad coordination between employees or departments is responsible for the bad reputation of a firm. It also points out how keeping the changing beliefs and expectations...