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At The Ohio Schools

Every school's mission is to provide education to its members. It is also every school's mission to provide a safe environment to its students and faculty. However, many schools have harmful chemicals that should be eliminated. Some of the chemicals are extremely hazardous and others are a nuisance. In the past, unwanted chemicals were put in the trash or dumped down the drain. Environmental regulations and common sense tell us this method of disposal is wrong. Such careless acts can cause permanent injury, an explosion, and even death.

Surveys of Ohio schools in 1990-1991 indicated a need for removal of hazardous materials, especially those chemicals found in science stockrooms. From the 94% of participating school districts, it was discovered that all of Ohio's 611 school districts have hazardous chemicals that needed to be removed.

Ohio schools convened to implement The Hazardous Waste Removal Program (HWRP).

The essence of this program was to acquire a skillful outside contractor to remove the hazardous wastes of each school as well as to educate students and faculty about hazardous wastes via informative seminars. The Safety Seminars provided needed education of 945 school officials in the responsible care of chemicals, which is now the national standard. Seminar topics included the hazards and proper storage of chemicals, the selection of chemicals to be removed, the need for and use of Material Safety Data Sheets, the development of a school-wide safety program and policy, and compliance with governmental regulations. (The Safety Seminar Handbook developed, written, and printed for each participating school is a national model.) It was decided that in order to get chemistry teachers, who are natural collectors, to get rid of enough of their chemicals, a strong educational component was necessary. To participate in the HWRP, schools first had...