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For this assignment it was required that we take on the role of a management committee for a community organisation. In this management position we are to design and conduct the management process of our research project previously done in the "Undertake Research Activities" module.



ABC Counselling Services Inc ©

The TAFE Student Counselling Service is an initiative of the Joondalup West Coast College of TAFE. The ABC Counselling Services © Incorporation is an independent organisation, which is subcontracted by the Joondalup West Coast College of TAFE to run the TAFE Student Counselling Service. This service provides counselling and support services to the students attending the Joondalup West Coast College of TAFE Campus.

ABC Counselling Services Inc © has been providing services to students at the Joondalup campus for the past year since its starting on the 12th June 2002.

2.2Contact Details

Contact Person: Lee-Anne

Manager & head counsellor

Address: Joondalup West Coast College of TAFE

Kendrew Crescent Joondalup

Block A, Office 231

Locked Bag 221

WA 6919

Telephone: Direct Line (08) 9222 0001

Administration (08) 9222 0000

Facsimile: (08) 9222 0067



The ABC Counselling Inc © staff consist of three persons:

1.Lee-Anne - Manager and active counsellor

2.Irene Joy - counsellor

3.John West - employed by ABC Counselling Services Inc © as a casual employee counsellor to provide relief staffing when required


The aims of the program are as follows:

vTo provide counselling and support to all students attending the campus

vProvide referral to relevant external services which may be of assistance to the client

vReduce the stress levels associated with study

vProvide a service in which clients feel free to discuss any matters of concern that may have an impact on the individuals current...