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Should drug testing be required in professional sports, schools and in the workplace? Some people think that it is an invasion of privacy, others, however, think that it is necessary to help keep places safe. Drug testing should be required in professional sports, schools, and in the workplace to prevent drug use and to keep them safe.

Without a doubt, for drug testing to prevent drug use in schools consequences must be present. For teenagers to respect what they are doing is wrong, they must be punished with consequences. Some consequences that have helped with prevention in the past are: removal from the extracurricular activity, removal from attendance, and a drug assessment program and in some cases, a report would be sent to law enforcement (Mawdsley 617). At a local high school with a drug testing program that randomly tests students involved in sports, a football player tested positive for marijuana and was sent to a school with a drug program to help with intervention.

He was there for a complete school year and returned completely clean and has not used since. In other words, consequences have an impact on students when it comes to not using drugs. Without a question, consequences for drug use will and has prevented drug use.

Undeniably, drug use has decreased among student athletes who are at schools with a drug testing program which shows that drug testing has been working to put a stop to drug use in schools. A school in New Jersey started a drug testing program and drug use decreased drastically in the first two years ("Editorial" 1). By the second year tenth-grade drug use decreased 100% ("Editorial" 1). Then was the ninth-grade which decreased 57% ("Editorial" 1). Third were the seniors who decreased 52% ("Editorial" 1). And then were the...