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This essay will look at the importance of communication in the workplace. First it will look at the main forms of communication with specific examples of they can be used in the early years setting. The importance of communication with reference to early years hq, positive and negative effects of good and bad communication will also be considered backed up by quotes from children and young people's magazine and an article about bad communication from an article on Houston chronicle.

There are various ways to communicate. However generally communication can be split into three main areas;


Nonverbal and

Technological aids.

Verbal consist of using spoken words, using open and closed questions and listening to others. Examples of how these can be used in an early years setting are:

Different volume or tone of voice will be used depending on the age and ability of the person and the severity of the conversation.

For example a soft gentle voice would be used when talking to a baby whereas if a child of 2 years old has smacked another child then the tone of voice would be more serious.

Open questions require thought whereas closed questions only require one word answers e.g. a child asks to go to the toilet, this only requires a yes or no answer. However when a child asks what is for dinner? This requires a more detailed answer.

Listening to others, about their views and opinions. In this case nursery it could be nursery colleagues having a discussion about taking the children on a trip and what they think the benefits from each trip would be.

Nonverbal includes; eye contact, facial expressions, body language and signs or gestures.

Facial expressions can be shown by a child when they are upset or angry by having a frown...