Research and Developement In America

Essay by mike99123 November 2004

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After conducting research and surfing the web it is rather obvious that there are many, many problems in the business world. Every day there are more and more problems. Which is a rather significant reason why I chose my topic on R&D research. I came across a small article titled One Small Step for R&D Spending. I started reading not even knowing much about the topic, when after a few paragraphs I realized that this is a very important "conflict" if you will, in the business world. Research and Development is the way in which our business problems will be solved.

Although America is still dominated by Microsoft, the increase in budgets by multinational companies in places like Europe and Asia has brought the U.S attention to the question of is R&D putting in enough or keeping up with other nations and the world economy. The reason Microsoft has and still does dominate the U.S

is because they are the biggest spenders in R&D, according to IEEE Spectrum the huge software company spent a whopping 7.79 billion dollars just last year which is a 17% increase from the previous year. So in order to get the rest of the U.S companies to where they should be R&D has come up with a small step or plan. They are anticipating this new regulation that would require companies to include stock options and grants in their R&D budgets. So in other words these companies would be required to spend a portion of their money on research and development. Which of course Microsoft adopted ahead of the crowd blatantly showing it will be a useful method. So as we can see it is very important that corporations need to be aware of keeping up with the world economy and multinational corporations. Four of...