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Abstract:The aim of all scientific disciplines is to advance knowledge in their field, to provide new or better understanding of certain phenomena, to solve intellectual puzzles or to practical problems. In order to solve both intellectual and practical puzzles, researchers have to choose research approach, to face different details. Therefore in this paper try to explain the two main methods of the research approaches the qualitative and quantitative analysis, comment and discuss the difference between these two methods. The goals to the end of the paper is to carry out choose right data analysis method to solve different research questions by accessing and analyzing.

Introduction of research approaches:All research project needs to address a research problem, the research approaches is way to approach the research problem and handle to data to provide a strong evidence to support the whole system. The research works consist of more than sets of tasks or a clear formulation of the goals of those tasks.

It involves the organization of work, the articulation of work, including the management of physical, social, and personal resources. Facing so many researches, it is necessary for getting the research work done, each research requires the use of a particular type of research approaches for exploration, prediction, evaluation, and impact assessment, so if chose the right research approaches, it is the simple and important way to solve the problem. Admittedly, all major research traditions regard data as providing information about some kind of phenomenon and an individual datum as relating to some aspect of that phenomenon. Data are simply regarded as something for collect and analyze in order to arrive at research conclusion. Our approach to analysis, which emphasizes complexity of phenomena under the data and for research itself, tends to bring temporality into focus for analysis. It is necessary...