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Copyright is a important legal issue in our life and business world. The trends of the world are all being electronically. However, as the internet user increase dramatically, many people are neglect copyright law. In this assignment, we are going to investigate Copyright Law.

Define "Copyright"

According to research copyright define "Copyright is a protection that covers published and unpublished literary, scientific and artistic works, whatever the form of expression, provided such works are fixed in a tangible or material form."

The purpose of a copyright is to allow a person or entity to profit from their work. A person can refer to a copyright as a system of property. Like property an owner can do whatever he/she pleases with it, include selling it, leasing it, retaining it, and so forth. No one else can do anything with your "property" unless you give them an exclusive right to and that is what software copyrights do.

Computer software is one of the largest markets in Australia, America, and Japan. This is because it powers a central device we call computers that run our infrastructure, as we know it. The programs range from simple utilities that make life a bit easier to productive tools such as word processing. And now, the personal computer is an ever more popular tool in daily lives. But that can also add to the software industry's demise on profits. A computer can copy a software program in a matter of seconds and can be put on disk to transfer to another computer. The Internet makes that even easier, by uploading the program to a website and allowing anyone to download that program without paying for it in any form. In Australia, the copyright law is contained in the Copyright Act 1968 and also by the decision...