Research on Consumer's Confident Level Towards Hong Kong Shops

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Hong Kong is famously known as shopping paradise to the world. Many famous brands from other countries have opened shops in this heavily trafficked place. Taxes free, freedom of trade and category varieties have attracted lots of tourist to visit this unique place every year. However, counterfeit goods are being a huge problem in this region which has decreased the confident level of shoppers.

China as the mother nation of Hong Kong is responsible for manufacturing most of the counterfeit. The goods are easily entered to Hong Kong by sea or land which then distribute to the local markets. (Lee 2006) The reasons for not buying counterfeit are the goods could be dangerous to the user and other people. For example, fake drugs and fake car parts may harm the users during usage. Other major reasons for not buying counterfeits are most of the generated profits are going to crime organization.

The money sustains criminal activities, illegal drug manufacturing, money laundering, people trafficking and child labour. (Consumer Direct 2008; Livemint 2008)According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, seized merchandise from mainland China and Hong Kong has increased by 96.3% and 61.9% from year 2006. (HKTDC 2007) Furthermore, Hong Kong customs had intercepted $35.7 million worth of counterfeits crossing the border from China in 2006. (Livemint 2008) One can see that counterfeit problems have damaged Hong Kong’s image and some of the consumers are started to worry about products obtain from shops are counterfeit. As a result, necessary research on shopper’s attitudes toward branded products purchase in Hong Kong shops must conduct as soon as possible.

2. Research ApproachOverall objective for this report is to determine how much confident level of Hong Kong people would think products purchased in Hong Kong shops are counterfeit. In order to acquire the result, it...