Research Design and Statistics Concepts Worksheet

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ConceptApplication of Concept in ScenarioReference to Concept in ReadingDistinguish between secondary and primary researchJim Wilson used a focus group study to determine demand for the commercial product. Mary Monroe used a market research company to conduct a feasibility study based on survey results collected on the company web site. These are both types of primary research because the information was gathered directly from people by means of personal communications - one written and one oral.Secondary research on the other hand, according to Detwiler,is finding information that is derived from original research, but research conducted for purposes other than the one for which the information is currently sought. It is finding the answers to questions other people have asked and applying them to your own problems (Detwiler, 1995, p. 12).

Sources of Measurement Differences - Sampling ErrorBea Hansen noted that the large sample collected by means of the web site surveys had a different distribution of gender than the general population.

This means that the sample is not a true random sample of the general population and speculated that the reason may be that males tend to be "more comfortable with computer technology and therefore more likely to respond to an online survey" (University of Phoenix, 2008, p. 8). If the central tendency of any characteristic between the population and the sample is significantly different, that same sampling error would apply to the survey results and bring into question any conclusions resulting from the research. Sampling error is "The difference between a sample statistic and its corresponding population parameter" (Lind , Marchal, & Wathen, 2005, p. 258). Cooper and Schindler note that "the numerical descriptors that describe samples may be expected to differ from those that describe populations because of random fluctuations inherent in the sampling process. This...