This is a research essay about the mafia and the people and events in it. It mentions many of the biggest names in the history of the mafia. It also enlightens us to the early beginning of the mafia.

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From the beginning to the end, the mafia has left an impression on our society. The history of the Mafia is not definite but many believe that the Mafia was born in order to protect and help the less fortunate. The origins of the mafia date back to the ninth century when Sicily was ruled by Arabic forces. This is when the mafia arose, in efforts to gain back their freedom. Even after the mafia gained freedom from the Arabic forces, there were more to come. In the eleventh century Sicily was taken over by the Normans, and again in the fifteenth century by the Spaniards. Throughout these invasions the mafia has defended Sicily. As a result of this, the mafia has become a patriotic symbol for Sicilians. The mafia is broken down into families. It may not necessarily be a relation by blood but it's like a gang inside of a gang.

Throughout the mafia's history there have been some families that particularly stand out from the rest. Like the Gambino family, Anastasia family, and the Castellano family. In the history of the mafia there are three main subjects that stand out: origins of the mafia, various families, and the murder of police chief Hennessey in New Orleans.

Throughout history, crimes have been committed by individuals and organized groups as well. Crime was present in all time periods. Why and how it exists dates back to biblical times. How organized crime was brought to the United States dates back to the ninth century. In the ninth century, Sicily was ruled by Arabic forces. The native Sicilians were forced to flee to the surrounding hills. In refuge, the Sicilians formed a secrete society to fight against the invading Arabic forces. The Sicilians called this secrete society "Mafia" after the Arabic...