A research investigation on learning transfer using mirror tracing. contains references, raw data, colour graphs of results...basically everything you need for a highschool investigation

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Prepared for: Mrs. Riggs

Prepared by: Samantha Lynch

Friday, 17 September 2004


1.0 Introduction

1.2 Aim page 2

2.0 Method

2.1 Participants page 4

2.2 Procedure page 4

2.3 Materials page 5

3.0 Results

3.1 Colour breakdown chart page 7

3.2 Table of averages page 8

4.0 Discussion page 8

4.1 Handedness page 9

4.2 Gender page 11

5.0 Conclusions page 10

6.0 Appendix page 13

1.0 Aim

The purpose of this investigation is to study learning transfer through the use of mirror tracing. The primary aim of this experiment is to observe an individual's ability to transfer a previously learned skill to a new task. In this experiment each subject will be required to overcome mirror reversals. In addition to this, the secondary aim of this experiment is to observe how gender and handedness affect a person's learning transfer abilities.

2.0 Method

2.1 Participants

Twelve subjects participated in the experiment, 50% of which were male and 50% female. Of the participants, nine were right-hand dominant, two left-handed dominant and one was ambidextrous (bi-handed). Each of the participant's handedness was determined based on their responses to a questionnaire.

All of the subjects were aged between sixteen and seventeen and had completed an average of 11.5 years of education. The only requirements for the participants were that they had normal motor function skills and were of normal intelligence.

2.2 Procedure

The experiment was followed according to a checklist (app. 6.9), and was adhered to for each subject. Each participant was seated in front of the star (app 6.1) to be traced holding the pen in the dominant hand with the forearm resting on the table. Subjects were asked to trace a circuit of a 10-edge, 5 pointed star shaped...