Research Joyce's life and explain how growing up in Dublin affected him. To what extent are his life experiences reflected in Dubliners?

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Although most of James's life was spent outside Ireland, however his Irish experiences have a huge impact on his writing. The setting and the subject of his stories are all based in Ireland. His stories are based on his life experiences in Dublin that reflect his family life events and friends throughout his school and college days.

Dubliners is an analysis of life in Dublin, when Joyce grew up. Joyce was born in 1882 in a large Catholic family in the Dublin suburbs of Rathgar. James's father John and parental grandfather both married into wealthy families, however in 1893 John was dismissed from work, and he and his family began to fall into poverty especially due to John's heavy drinking and poor finical management. The family was forced to move into the poorer area in North Dublin.

In 1892 James had to withdraw from Clongowed Wood College as his father was unable to pay the tuition, and eventually he was offered a place at Jesuits' Dublin school.

In 1898 he enrolled in University College Dublin, where he studied modern languages, here he became entwined in literacy circles. Here he wrote a number of articles and at least two plays. Later many of his friends at University would be characters in James works. In 1903 he returned from a short stay in Paris to be with his mother as she was diagnosed with cancer. After she died he began to drink heavily and his life began to deteoriate.

In Dublin after one of his drinking binges he got into a fight, and was later helped by a old friend of his fathers, Alfred H. Hunter who tended to his injuries, who let him room with Oliver ST John Gogarty. Both these men served as characters in James's works. His...