Research Methodologies – Taco Bell Expansion to Spain

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Research Methodologies - Taco Bell Expansion to SpainTaco Bell's executive management team has decided to pursue marketing the organization in Spain. This paper will state the objective of the research needed to make this move successful and examine and select the best research methodologies used in creating the marketing campaign for this new venture. Taco Bell, based in Irvine, California and operating since 1962, is the nation's leading Mexican style fast food restaurant. "Taco Bell® serves more than 2 billion consumers each year in more than 5,800 restaurants in the U.S." (, 2008). They have expanded operations overseas, but so far only in Canada and Guam. McDonalds, a competitor representing American fast food, serves its customers in over 100 countries (, 2008). Burger King has also expanded oversees, into 71 countries, one of them being Spain. So Taco Bell sees a need for expansion to other countries in order to keep up with the competition of American fast-food restaurants.

Marketing Research"Marketing research is traditionally defined as the systematic gathering, recording, and analyzing of data to provide information useful in marketing decision making" (Cateora & Graham, 2007, p. 214). The difference between domestic and international marketing, however, is that with international marketing, information is shared and translated between international borders, not just within the United States. The objective of this research is to provide management with enough information to make the most successful decision for the company. All these methods collect either quantitative or qualitative data.

There are two types of marketing research data, primary and secondary. Primary data is collected for a particular project, such as the expansion of Taco Bell into Spain. Secondary data is data that is readily available where the research was already conducted by another agency. This data might be hard...