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1 Introduction

Professional football has been radically transformed in the UK during the 1990sand Premiership league take place at nearly the same time. After almost ten years, the professional football marketing became a big business. In the 1997/98 football season, the Premier league got benefits over 100 million. Therefore, this article introduces an initial indication of how the two Premiership football clubs (Liverpool and Everton) situated in Merseyside are linked into the local economy. This article is divided into four sections; the first section is the consideration of the relevance of professional football to the local economy. The second part of this article looks specifically at the role of Everton and Liverpool in the Merseyside economy. The third section considers the effects of Premiership football on an urban economy. Finally, a number of points are raised concerning the need for further research and policy development that Premiership football is a range of economic growth that should be seriously considered as a segment for local economic development.

This article utilize quantitative research and secondary date collection to collect survey data which are been statistically analysed to determine a relationship between Premiership football clubs and the urban economy. Variables are directly measurable, and easily converted into numerical form, which can be statistically analysed. The author recommended that further research is necessary to corroborate the quantifiable affects of football. This would facilitate a more informed debate on how football-related expenditure can be retained within the economy (Johnstone, S., Southern, A. and Taylor, R., 2000).

This essay will attempt to critical review for this research, and analysis research methods of this study. Then it will aim to identify the relevant subject in social research such as methodological, theoretical and ontological and so on. This essay will also try to explain the advantage and disadvantage...