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In the modern society today, homosexuals are more accepted than ever before. Most of the general public is in favor of equal rights to gays and lesbians pertaining to housing, jobs, public accommodations and equal access to government benefits. However, when it comes to same sex marriages, why is this society so adamant not to let them marry? It is because of people's misunderstanding of what homosexuality really is, and the myths surrounding gay relationships. Also, the public is unaware of the benefits that same sex marriage would have on the society and the civil rights issues involved when it (the society) proscribes gay citizens to marry. Therefore, this liberated society should open its mind to the same gender couples that choose to marry, and let them share the same equal rights, responsibilities, and commitment of a civil marriage as heterosexual couples do.

Lesbians and bisexuals are being "discriminated against" in being denied the ability to legally marry; this "discrimination" should be remedied by immediate same sex marriage recognition.

The society defines the most intimate relationships through marriage. Proponents of same sex marriage, such as the organization Freedom to Marry, argue that "Civil marriage is a powerful and important affirmation of love, a source of social recognition and support, and the legal gateway to a vast array of protections, responsibilities, and benefits, most of which cannot be replicated in any other way." This includes everything from retirement programs, health care, parenting rights to social security benefits, and critical medical decisions, etc. Thus, excluding citizens from these civil liberties because of their sexual orientation is an outright discrimination. Gay marriage must be allowed in order to retain the democratic nature of this country. While the government as a whole may not approve of a marriage between members of the same sex,