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How to Surf Safely

Yalcin Nebiler


Phillip Winder

April 2,2008


The number of personal computers with internet connection has been increasing recently as a result of decrease in personal computer prices and internet connection costs. At the same time, the threats for unprotected personal computers have been increasing. In this paper, the threats, which personal computer may encounter, and simple yet effective precautions for these threats will be explained. Here are the possible issues that PC's are encountered;

Operating system gaps

User account gaps

Unnecessary shared files

Shared items

Web browser gaps

Possible threats on network systems such as spywares, viruses…

Insecure soft wares

Keypad encryptions

Other threats

Operating System Gaps

Every operating system has gaps. Publishers release updates and service packs when they realize these gaps. Hackers keep up with the latest updates and try to hack computers which are not up to date.

As a result you should turn on your computer's automatic update function.

User Account Gaps

You should delete all the user accounts on your computer which are not in use. If it's a risky computer, which has important information, you should use password to access this account and also you should consider creating a fake administrator account.

Account Name

Account Type



Restricted User

Fake account. A password protected fake account. Even if its' password encrypted, your critic files can not be reached.


Restricted user

For daily purposes and internet access


System Administrator

Real administrator account.

Unnecessary Shared Files

If your PC is not a part of network or you don't use shared printer and scanner options, these services must be turned off. You should turn off the file sharing if you use it once in a blue moon. The only protocol you...