Research Paper: The 2008 Presidential Elections (Barack Obama)

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Currently, America is facing various hardships such as struggling economy, poor health care, two wars pollution, excessive relying on exported oil and illegal immigration. Both Barack Obama and John McCain expressed in the campaigns their points of views and possible solutions for these problems. Obama, the candidate from the Democratic Party, proposed answers on improvements on situation in the United States.

One of the major issues nowadays is the health care. There are many reasons why it is so controversial and needs a lot of attention from the future president. In the past eight years, health insurance prices have grown 3.7 times faster than wages. Many insurance plans do not cover a number of doctor's visits. In addition to that, over forty-five million Americans don't have any health insurance at all. Most of these people just cannot afford their medical bills. Dramatically rising health care costs are also making it increasingly difficult for small businesses and other employers to provide insurance to their employees.

("Barack Obama and Joe Biden's Plan to Lower Health Care Costs and Ensure Affordable, Accessible Health Coverage for All," par 1)Barack Obama believes that government-run health care or insurances supplied by government are wrong. He proposes a plan that combines the two types of health care system into one. The plan would "strengthen employer coverage, make insurance companies accountable and ensure patient choice of doctor and care without government interference." ("Plan for a Healthy America," par 1, 2)Under Obama's plan, everyone can keep his or her current health insurance and all the insurances will cost about $2,500 per year. Those who don't have insurance would have many affordable options to choose from. Some other things Obama's plan includes are:1) New Electronic Health Information Technology Systems. Because most of the medical records are stored on...