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Profit making is the main aim of each business oriented organization.

The researcher is out to find the extent at which promotional strategy as a marketing mix influences profit making and maximization. The researcher also aims at finding out how Kenya Seed Company operates its promotional strategies and how each is beneficial to the company and customers.

As the seed business continues to flourish, there is need for an effective distributor with reliable branch networks allover the country. This leads to job creation and employment opportunities which in turn promote the standard of living and social status among individuals. It aids growth of the company as result of effective promotional marketing strategy.

It is quite clear that agriculture is the backbone of Kenya's economy and that the national objective of Kenya is self sufficiency in food therefore to achieve this goal it is important that top quality seeds be available, affordable and in constant supply, distribution as a promotional strategy influences the above function.


Kenya Seed Company is a state corporation that produces and markets top quality seed for the countrys farming community with an overall objective of adding value to the farming business and contributing to food self sufficient in Kenya and beyond. The company has made substantial contribution through the development, production and provision of high yielding varieties and high quality seeds for various ageo-ecological zones. The company was incorporated in Kenya in July 1956 to promote the use of improved stains of pasture seeds, developed by the National Agricultural Research station at Kitale. Two years later the company started an enterprise to produce commercial sunflower for the European bride feed market to sustain its financial needs that had been expanded. In 1963, the company introduced hybrid seed maize...