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The Story of My Search

Everyone, Americans and Europeans alike, have heard-of, if not grown off of, a generation and culture started by an ensemble of four shaggy-haired Liverpool musicians that the world went mad over; no one can deny that no greater event impacted today's pop culture than "Beatlemania". But not everyone has heard the story behind the Beatles, who were they? How did they become the band and how did they make it big? What's the story of their struggle?

Before researching, I already knew a lot about the Beatles. I knew that the band was made up of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. They started the famous "British Invasion" of the 1960's on American pop/rock music, and they started a craze that swept over the country and made the Beatles a name that would echo over the music industry and the future generations and cultures of the world for centuries to come.

Since the story of the Beatles could be researched for a lifetime, I decided only to seek out the general story behind their fame. What is the story behind each of the members and how did they meet? What was involved in their struggle to make it big? How did their music and fame affect the culture?

Before I began my search I had to make a research question, so I reviewed all the things I wanted to learn and formed the final question: Who were the Beatles? Well I already knew enough to vaguely answer my question. The Beatles were a band of musicians from Liverpool who shaped the face of popular music and culture of their time and all who came after, their fame was a phenomenon that threw American youth into a frenzy over long hair and...