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Thoughts on Darwin

Charles Darwin's theory on evolution is accurate in my standards. There are several arguments against the idea of evolution that can be proven to be wrong, the theories that go against religion can be hypothesized and agree to both sides, and Darwin's idea on the importance on human beings. Though some evolution has been confirmed, not all of his ideas have been proven.

Charles Darwin was not first to think about the theory of evolution; he merely added to it. The theory of evolution was first developed by Goethe. He suggested that all life evolved from simple organic forms. Later the theory was added to when Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck, a French biologist, showed that fossils proved change in species. However, Darwin theorized that evolution occurred by observing the tendencies of organisms that adapted to their environment over a short period of time physically. With Darwin's theory on evolution explained that evolution was the species way to adapt to its environment over a time, to be able to survive.

"Survival goes to the fittest" is the reason evolution occurs and if a species doesn't adapt to its environment by evolution, it will die.

I agree with the theory of evolution, due to the fact of modern technology. With modern technology it has been proven that the Earth has existed for millions of years, before the dawn of man. The discovery of fossils that date back before the oldest skeleton of man is a factor on how old the earth is. Also, the similarities of the different fossils collected that have a similar structure show that evolution does occur. The fossils of animals that look like horses and the comparison of horses now show that horses evolved from being footed and horned to hoofed and hornless. Also the...