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Research Paper

"About 10,000 years ago, people started near the Nile River." ( This civilization is one we know today as Egypt. As one of the first civilizations, Egypt has a lot of background. Egypt was one of the first civilizations when people finally gave up their nomadic way of life. The Nile River Valley was a good place to start a civilization because of the fertile soil. Egypt is located in the Northeastern part of Africa. It borders the Mediterranean Sea to the North, and mountain ranges to the South. Ancient Egypt was one of the places where archeologists found ancient tools and technologies. The location of this country along with its history, well known places and interesting people make it a major tourist sight today.

Egyptian history is broken into different time periods according to the dynasty of the ruling family of the pharaohs. The first dynasty of Egypt was from the year 3150 B.C.

until 2686 B.C. The Capital of Egypt at this time was Thinis. There were between 7-10 rulers during this time but no one is for sure the exact number. Information about this dynasty came from a few monuments and other objects containing the royal names of the ruling family. The Palette family was one of the most important and well known from this time period. The only detailed records of the first two dynasties that survived are the lists on the Palermo Stone. The hieroglyphs were fully developed by then, and their shapes would be used with little change for more than three thousand years. The Nubians were among the earliest foreign rulers of Egypt, but the ancient Egyptians took back control of their country soon after their invasions. Once Egypt did get taken over by foreign powers, it proved...