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March 6, 2011

The Changing Technology in Schools

Do you know what types of technology students are using in schools today? For awhile now schools have slowly started to integrate different types of technology. Some schools have computer labs, laptops, projectors, wireless internet and much more. Because society is moving towards technology as a whole, it makes perfect sense that the schools should adopt technology as well. As society moves to a more technological advanced structure, the children that will become our future work force will need to be adapt to handle technology. So as technology in schools change, students are impacted by the availability, use, benefits, and programs of technology in their schools.

First, a student is affected by the availability of the technology at their school. A school may not have enough computers to suit the need of the number of students that need them. Students may not have much technology available to them at all.

Many times the amount of technology in schools depends on the price it would cost to purchase all of the necessary pieces of equipment to effectively use the technology they have. "Teachers can be confused when it comes to technology, because they did not grow up around technology" (Peterson 4). "Students born after 1980 have grown up around technology. It helped them learned through educational games and this made the computer seem more like a friend to them. This helped them learn how to better use the computer" (Peterson 5). Because students feel that the computer is more of a friend than some hard to use device, they are not fearful of a computer when they are near one, or confused as to how to use it. Louise Peterson writes that teachers do not use all of the equipment that they have...