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The 16th president of the United States was assassinated while in office. This was an act of violence that has echoed through time in haunting phenomena in many locations. An interesting factor adding to the ghost stories was Abraham Lincoln's own involvements with the occult. It seems that he believed he had a psychic gift of his own and had a great interest in spiritualism. He said that he had paranormal experiences and dreamed of his own death.

Does the data I collected prove or explain Lincoln's psychic gift and his post-dead appearances?

Brief Biography

Lincoln was born in Kentucky and later raised in Springfield, Illinois in 1809. Ever since he had been interested in politics and he had a strong desire to right social wrongs. He won a seat in Illinois state legislature (1834-41), was a congressman in the House of Representatives (1847-49), and started election to the U.S.

Senate (1858). He then won the Republican nomination for President in the 1860 election.

Interest in Spiritualism

Lincoln showed personal interest in spiritualism early in his political career. Especially after the death of his favorite son Willie, in 1862, he attended séances to be able to contact Willie's spirit. Most historians and writers point Lincoln's interest in spiritualism to his wife, Mary Todd, whom he married in 1842.

However, there is evidence that Lincoln's interest was independent of Mary. In a letter to his friend Joshua F. Speed in 1842, Lincoln observed that he had "always had a strong tendency to mysticism" and had often felt controlled "by some other power than my own will," which he felt came "from above."

Paranormal Incidents

Ten days before his assassination, Lincoln had a vivid and prophetic dream of his own death. He wrote it in his diary:

I retired late. I soon...