Research Paper: Factors that make up individual personality traits

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Factors That Make Up Individual Personality Traits

People are born with their own special traits and personality. This has been a keen interest for many scientists who have always wondered what really is the factor that makes up individual personality traits. The debate on whether human personality is influenced by nature or nurture took place ever since the time of Plato and Aristotle and is still in progress today with many supporting evidence for both sides. Humans may be destined to be bald, fear the dark and laugh out loud, whereas they can also learn to love tea, hate math and tell lies. Most physical characteristics of humans are hereditary, but the genetic waters get a bit more obscure when it comes to an individual's behavior, intelligence and personality. Genetics and environment affect individual personality traits.

Whether human nature is born or made is an ancient "conundrum" discussed by

both Plato and Aristotle in the early days (Allaby).

In those days, Plato believed that children are born with their special talents and individuality. This philosopher therefore supported the fact that nature is the cause of human personality ("Child Psychology"). A person's innate or essential qualities or character describes nature ("Nature"). The nature theory states that people behave as they do according to genetic predispositions (Nature vs. Nurture -How Heredity and Environment Shape Who We Are). Nature endures us with inborn abilities and traits (Nature vs. Nurture). According to Time's article "Are Your Genes To Blame?" genetics explains that genes reflect on memories, current circumstances, and the anticipated consequences of various courses of action (98). Most physical characteristics of humans are influenced by

multiple genetic variables. For example, according to research, height was determined as a relatively large genetic component ("Child Psychology").

Research shows that monozygotic identical twins...