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The History Of Marijuana

The history of marijuana is quite interesting. Marijuana has gone from being an important crop of the early settlers, to being outlawed in many countries, including the United States. To better understand marijuana, I will trace it back to its origins, and explain how marijuana was used in the beginning. I will then take a closer look at the history of marijuana in the United States and how this plant has evolved over the years. An interesting fact that one should ponder is that ?in 1762 Virginia imposed penalties on those who did not produce it [marijuana]? (Sloman 21). This is quite a contrast to how marijuana is treated today. If one is caught growing, selling, or even using marijuana, there is consequences which vary for each above mentioned act. This plant is controversial in the since that people believe it to help with medical problems such as AIDS.

So the question is whether or not to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes. One should remember that if marijuana is legal in a State for medicinal purposes, it is still illegal on the Federal level.

Marijuana is defined as a cannabis plant; and or a preparation made from the dried flower clusters and leaves of the cannabis plant, smoked or eaten to induce euphoria (Webster?s 827).

When smoked, marijuana produces over 2,000 chemicals that enter the body through the lungs. These chemicals have a variety of immediate, short term effects. Short term effects of marijuana include both psychological and physical reactions. These reactions usually last for one to three hours [ . . . ]. The psychological reaction known as a high, consists of changes in the user?s feelings and thoughts. Such changes are caused mainly by the THC, a chemical in marijuana that impairs the...