Research paper on Langston Hughes. Wrote about how he was a successful artist during the Harlem Renaissance, despite racism and various obstacles.

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Langston Hughes was born on February 1, 1902 in Joplin, Missouri into a family with an extraordinary background ((James Mercer) Langston Hughes 1). Hughes' family consisted of historical members. For starters, he had three grandfathers who were white therefore making Hughes not fully black. In addition, his uncle was elected to public office by public vote, his grandmother had attended college, one grandfather assisted with the underground railroad, and another aided John Brown during his raid on Harper's Ferry ((James Mercer) Langston Hughes 1,2). His parents' ambitions were unrealistic for African Americans at the time, causing his father to move to Mexico to escape racism. This resulted in the separation of his parents ((James Mercer) Langston Hughes 1). Following the desertion of his father, Hughes moves to live with his grandmother in Kansas while his mother goes to search for a steady job ((James Mercer) Langston Hughes 2). A few years later Hughes moved to Illinois where he lived with his mother and stepfather ((James Mercer) Langston Hughes 2).

In Illinois he successfully completed grammar, and high school which marked the start to a successful writing career ((James Mercer) Langston Hughes 2). Despite criticism and obstacles, Langston Hughes was an extremely successful artist, especially in the Harlem Renaissance.

Hughes was fortunate to experience success at a young age. Following the tragedy of his grandmothers death Hughes moved to Lincoln, Illinois ((James Mercer) Langston Hughes 2). It is in Lincoln where he completed grammar school and was selected class poet in 1916 ((James Mercer) Langston Hughes). Before he was elected class poet Hughes had never thought about ever writing poetry. After grammar school, Hughes enrolled to Central High School in Ohio ((James Mercer) Langston Hughes 2). In high school he was elected to be editor of the yearbook his senior...