Research paper on Mafia and success of Al Capone: Also influences by Gangs of other nationalities

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Do you enjoy watching movies such as "The God Father" and "The untouchables" and wonder how the Italian Mafia got so powerful? A universal belief in that Italian Mafia was the consummate in Organized Crime and reigned supreme over all other competition in the Organized crime area when in fact it is becoming more evident that Irish influence and Jewish dealings and alliances are in fact part-responsible for where the Italian Mafia got and how they are known today. During the Duration of time in which Organized Crime flourished and was at its peak of power (the 1920s era), it is believed that Italians were accountable for the abundant deaths and gunfights and for being the sole providers in vices in which the Government labeled as illegal yet could not prevent the Mafia from providing it to the general public. In Capone's particular case, he succeeded his predecessors because grew up with a melting pot of different races, knew when and how to deal with others generously and courteously regardless of race, and he got lucky in numerous occasions.

Alphonse Capone was born and raised in New York where his father was a barber. His neighborhood was full of all types of ethnicities in which he learned to communicate and associate with early in his childhood. This became a very accommodating asset when he climbed the ladder in the Organized Crime Industry later on his years. Growing up Capone made many friends, many of which were African American, Irish, Jewish, Italian, and a hand full of Russian and Polish. Of course he typically leaned towards Italians since that was the majority in where he happened to live. But he was more open minded than other Italians to other races and held open arms to all that respected and trusted him.