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Research Paper

The Views of Self

Modern day psychologists have many different views of self and exactly what that means for each of us. Should we value these views or should we adopt our own views of this concept? We each have our own sets of values and ideals and that is what makes up our inner being. Do we direct our focus to analyzing the inner self? Does it even matter that we each differ on the substance of what is inside of us? How good are you at presenting yourself in a positive way? How do others view you as a person? How do you view yourself? These questions and many more have intrigued psychologist for many years. Needless to say, most people do not even think of most of these questions. Our lives are so hectic and stress-filled that we don't consider how we portray ourselves in society.

Most of us, especially those of us in our latter years of life, feel we are set in our ways and that change isn't really worth the trouble. The following views are from respected psychologist of the 20th century; however, these ideals originated long before this time. Since the days Plato and Socrates the issue of what makes us "us" has intrigued great minds throughout time.

We have all heard of Sigmund Freud, a great psychologist who originated the concept of the id, ego, and super ego, a complex view of the inner self. Freud believed that the conscious mind is what you are aware of at any given moment, your present perceptions,


memories, fantasies, and feelings that you have. Freud's reference to the conscious mind is what we may call the "available memory" today. Anything that can be readily brought up in our minds is what...