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Name: Ziyas Florist


Contact: (02) 9707 1577 Target Audience: Anne

Goal: To open up a florist at Shop 2, 22 Chapel Rd, Bankstown 2200




Assessable Products

Is there a need to open up a florist in Bankstown by the name of Ziya's florist

Conducting a survey in the area to find out if florist is required for this location

If florist is not required to change locations

Issues with survey - no results

Summary of feedback

To identify the cost of

Leasing the shop

Business licence


By calling real Estates in the area

Speaking to fair Trading to obtain licence

Comparing quotes from NRMA, AAMI, GIO, Allianz and Shelco

Is the shop going to be too expensive to rent?

Will the insurance companies accept and cover my claim

Costing Report

Identify competition

Quotes from Vista Print, Sydney Advertising Media, Creative Advertising and Online Advertising

Phoning for quotes, looking at competitors advertising prices

Is advertising going to be really expensive?

Advertise my company



Surrounding shops


Is this type of advertising going to be enough? Do I need to advertise more?

Advertise Strategy




Assessable Products

Research Furniture

Obtaining quotes from Harvey Norman, Office Works, Dick Smith, Fast Office Furniture

Furniture might be too expensive

Not find what I am looking for

Furniture Costs

Connecting electricity

Getting quotes from Energy Australia, Origin and AGL


Costs of Connecting

Getting quotes for phone line and Internet bundles

By calling Telstra, Optus, Dodo and TPG


Comparing costs and negotiating

Report and Presentation

By creating a report of all my work gathered and presenting it.

Not gathering all the required information.

Report and present my florist

Business Admin Certificate IV