A research plan for a strategic pitch on an ISP account (by an advertising agency).

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Product:Netvigator (www.netvigator.com)


Netvigator is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) by PCCW, it has a number of subscription-based services for users who pay an additional charge. Target subscribers for such 'premium' services are their broadband subscribers.

PCCW is developing strategic alliances with potential providers to supply more added value services to its users.

Current Situation

Revenues from the 'premium' services have not met forecasts. PCCW is uncertain of the reasons for this failure. And would like to understand if it is due to the services they provided are wrong, or if there the positioning is inappropriate, or the promotional activities should be done in some other ways. PCCW is considering new plans to generate stronger revenues.

Key Issues

-Positioning of Netvigator

-Competitors of Netvigator

-Scope of services of Netvigator

-Scope of services of the 'premium services'

-Level of customer satisfaction

-Difficulties in using Netvigator services and the 'premium services'

-New subscribers recruitment strategies

-Existing subscribers retaining strategies

-Reasons for choosing/ not choosing the 'premium services'

-Promotion campaigns of Netvigator and the 'Premium' services

Activities to undertake

Several groups of activities are planned for this research:

Desk Research

1) Online resources

To find out the scope of services of Netvigator, as well as the competitors of Netvigator and their information, online resources should be utilized.

From the official website of Netvigator and their competitors, detail information on their company profile, mission statement, position, scope of services, target customer, and pricing could be found. All these information could lead to better understanding of the client, their services and their competitors.

2) Agency resources - reels, print ads & promotional materials

To understand the target customers of Netvigator and its positioning, previous campaign reels and print ads should be reviewed. By analyzing the choice of characters, scheme colors, music, logo design, material...