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Methamphetamines have become a national problem. It is having a devastating effect on county governments in many states. Methamphetamines are being massively produced in countries such as Mexico and have increasingly been filtering into the U. S. What was once a problem in the Western states is now becoming increasingly costly for the Middle West and East coast.

For Minnesota counties, methamphetamine abuse causes legal, medical, environmental and social problems. Here in SW Minnesota not only the government but us citizens must pay for investigating and closing down methamphetamine labs, arresting the criminals involved, holding them in jail, court proceedings, providing treatment for addicts and cleaning up of laboratory sites.

Other problems with methamphetamines are the effects it has on society. In many households where there are methamphetamine users, there are small children involved. Most of these children suffer from neglect and abuse.

Communities are endangered by methamphetamine labs.

Methamphetamine labs contain flammable and explosive materials. For every pound of methamphetamine produced approximately 6 pounds of toxic waste remains. These wastes are often thrown into waterways, septic systems and water run off areas.

In order to get accurate information a series of surveys would need to be conducted. Surveys would need to be sent to hospital emergency rooms, treatment centers, law enforcement agencies and county social services. Written surveys and telephone surveys would be the most efficient method of gathering information. Another method to collect this type of information would be by interviewing private citizens in high risk areas.

Written surveys could be sent to county hospitals and/or regional facilities to determine how many methamphetamines related emergency room visits were recorded in a set amount of time. Of these patients, how many have health insurance. This would show the amount of financial burden on tax payers and state and...