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There have been many changes that have occurred in the past few centuries. There are few incidences in today's society that do not require the verbal proclamation of social security numbers, and secret pin numbers in order for the average individual to retrieve their own private information. Is this type of society good or bad? It has been proven that these types of steps are very necessary in today's world, because just about everyone has a computer or access to one. Some are even savvy enough to obtain your electronic personal documents, and wreak havoc on your finances and every thing else that is of importance. Many businesses throughout the recent years have made major improvements when it comes to protecting their clients and consumer's personal information. Consumers have also become more adept in making better choices regarding the protection of their personal information.

Consumers do not want anyone to have easy access to their private information.

They do not wish for their lives to be put to the test because of scam artists that wishes to steal from them to make themselves richer. In today's business world it is of utmost importance that business managers take every necessary precaution to protect their company from fraud, and also to protect their most valuable attributes, their customers. Without customers, running a business could be challenging. Ensuring that privacy regulations are mandated is of absolute value to a consumer. If consumers feel that a certain company is going the extra mile to protect what is important to them, they will more than likely go with that company. Privacy regulations are evidently becoming more important to the average consumers, because they are concerned about their assets, and do not want to put themselves at risk.


Before September 11, 2001, the topic of...